For Dentists

A strong practice-laboratory relationship allows you to provide optimal quality of care combined with exceptional customer service and decreased overhead. With the increased patient focus on esthetic dentistry, we want to become a bigger component in your practice’s success in the coming years. C&P Dental Laboratory, your quality dental laboratory, will take the time necessary to develop a strong relationship with your practice.

Patient Care Is Every Practice’s Top Priority.

The practice and the lab must work together to ensure quality. C&P Dental Laboratory recommends that practices keep remakes at 1% or less. The practice must provide the lab an abundance of accurate information: written instructions and digital images to help ensure a quality result.

Measuring Our Lab’s Performance.

Before deciding to use our lab, don’t hesitate to ask for referrals from other dental clinics. Is the lab a full-service one or does it specialize in certain services? Some dentists use one lab for most services but then use another lab for high-end restorative or cosmetic work. Can you get everything you need at one lab? Or would using several labs make more sense? Can a lab consistently deliver quality work in the required time? Does the lab have standard timelines for each service? We believe when you answer these questions, your will choose us.

Why Choose Us.

You may want to use different labs for different procedures. A lab that specializes in high-end cosmetic may be the perfect choice for anterior esthetic cases, but another lab with a more reasonable cost structure may be the better choice for crown and bridge cases. Finding a quality lab or labs with reasonable prices should be your overall goal.

Your Expert Partner.

A good dental lab should be able to provide excellent education to their dentists on subjects, ranging from restorations to preparation to materials. A good lab should be a partner to the practice. In an era where so many new supplies, materials and technologies are emerging, it can be difficult for practices to keep up with the latest information. Having us act as an expert in certain areas can help you incorporate the right materials and technologies into your practices.

Believing In Effective Communication.

Be very specific about what you want from us on every case request. Give us clear, detailed instructions and follow up with us to make sure those instructions are understood. Provide X-rays or digital images that enhance your written instructions. This way you ensure a quality product from us and for your patient. Talk to our lab representatives to make sure your practice and our team are on the same page.